Spring Cleaning!

Spring is the designated time when everyone starts to clean out the clutter that happens when you don’t leave your house all winter. The best part about spring cleaning is feeling like a new person when you’re done. The worst part? The actual cleaning. Sure, you know it’s going to be totally worth it in the end, but do you really have to part with that sweater that you wore once in high school that doesn’t fit anymore? The answer is yes. LET IT GO. *cue Frozen soundtrack*

I’m moving to New York City in less than 4 months, which means zero closet space. So, I’ve taken my spring cleaning to an entirely new level this year. So far, I’ve gotten rid of around 8 garbage bags full of crap. That includes all sorts of tops, pants, shorts, shoes, and countless miscellaneous items that I’m not even positive how I acquired.

Through this process, I’ve come up with a foolproof way to know whether an item is worth keeping, or it’s time to say adios.


  • Anything you have worn in the last month that you still will wear.

As long as you plan on wearing it sometime soon, just put it right back where you found it.

  • All wearable basics.

This includes:

  1. Plain tank tops and short-sleeved shirts.
  2. Jeans that fit you properly, and are in good shape (not falling apart).
  3. Jean shorts of the same stature.
  4. Button up shirts and nice blouses of any color or material that still flatter your body, and are in good shape.
  5. Blazers that fit well, and allow movement.
  6. Sweaters that fit, are in good shape, and are lighter.
  7. Leather accessories.
  8. Sandals that are in good shape.
  9. Any real gold or silver jewelry.
  10. Hats in neutral colors.

Be wary of keeping too many of one color, or keeping basics you will never wear.

  • Sentimental items.

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you are thinking about tossing granny’s old necklace, make sure you (or her) won’t miss it.


You’ve got this.

  • Anything you haven’t worn in over a year.

I know this seems harsh, but I promise you will love yourself for it. (Feel free to toss things you’ve never worn that have also been sitting in the back of your closet with the tags still on, as well.)

  • Anything that doesn’t fit.

Yes, you may have a plan to go from a size 10 to a size 0, but all those tiny shorts are doing is reminding you of something that hasn’t happened yet. Embrace the body you have, and (for now, at least), dress for the curves of today.

  • Anything with patterns that just aren’t your style anymore.

It is totally acceptable to change your look, and you need to make sure you’re comfortable in your clothes, and skin.

  • Anything that is not age appropriate.

If you are in your 20’s sporting clothes you wore in middle school, it’s time for a much needed upgrade.

  • Anything that is damaged, and can’t be repaired.

And also, those holes you keep saying you’ll sew up count as damage.

  • Anything with visible stains.


  • Those sweatpants that have your high school logo on them, but have holes, and stains, and aren’t even worth keeping.

Again, ew.

  • Bras that don’t fit, or are in bad shape.

Your boobs deserve to feel just as sexy as you’re going to this year. Get your right bra size, and embrace your curves!!!

  • Socks/underwear with holes.

And/or stains. Yet again, ew.

  • Shoes that don’t fit or are not in good shape.

I know you spent your paycheck on those heels, but your toes are spilling out of the peephole. #freethepiggys

  • Accessories that are outdated or no longer your style.

Those Hello Kitty earrings are going Goodbye.

  • Anything that you have to deliberate on for longer than 10 seconds.


You did it! A no-fuss wardrobe that is easy, accessible, and very simplistic.

Weekly question: What is one spring trend you want to try this year?


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